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My Little Flashback- Applejack (G1) by Phoenix-Skywriter
My Little Flashback- Applejack (G1)
Debut: My Little Pony Rescue at Midnight Castle
Original airdate: April 14, 1984

Applejack is the pony who has the distinct honor of having a version of her character in every generation but 2, which had its own cast of new characters. A lot of artists don't draw G1 Applejack because design-wise she's so similar to the Applejack we know and love, but G1 Applejack should not be treated as the same pony, but instead like her own character.

Applejack loves apples to the point of obsession. She's clumsy and can't keep all four hooves on the ground most of the time, but when duty calls, Applejack is on the mark. Who's a silly pony now?

My Little Pony was created by Bonnie Zacherle. Thanks, Bonnie!
My Little Flashback-Princess Sparkle/Amethyst (G1) by Phoenix-Skywriter
My Little Flashback-Princess Sparkle/Amethyst (G1)
Princess Sparkle (not to be confused for Princess Twilight Sparkle) is the 6th and final of my Princess Ponies series! Now on to the mane horses...

Princess Sparkle's special ability grow plants? How is that useful for a princess pony? Incidentally, her US backcard speaks of a surprise picnic that she sniffs her way to by freshly picked lilacs... revenge against the flower pickers? Who knows? Her UK backcard describes her as a happy, helpful little pony who loves to assist her friends.

My Little Pony was created by Bonnie Zacherle. Thanks, Bonnie!
Reminder that my deviation Frozen and Colourless is ANIMATED :3
My Little Flashback- Princess Primrose/Ruby (G1) by Phoenix-Skywriter
My Little Flashback- Princess Primrose/Ruby (G1)
5/6 of the princess ponies
She's known as Princess Ruby in the UK, though I couldn't possibly guess why.

Princess Primrose has the strange ability to summon a gust of wind. Useful for an earthy, I'm sure.
Her US backcard tells of her playful nature and of a time when she got distracted by a butterfly when she was supposed to be helping Princess Sparkle.
Her UK backcard also describes her as easily distracted, and about how her dragon, Sparks, must finish her tasks because Prim is always looking for something new and fun to do.

My Little Pony was created by Bonnie Zacherle. Thanks, Bonnie!
ML Flashback- Princess Serena/Aquamarine (G1) by Phoenix-Skywriter
ML Flashback- Princess Serena/Aquamarine (G1)
4/6 of the Princess Ponies series!
This design was inspired in part by her toy, which has gold thread in the mane. How fancy!
Princess Serena (Princess Aquamarine if you're from the UK) has the ability to turn one bird into two...but can she duplicate other animals?
Her US backcard tells of an adventure in which she and Princess Tiffany, sad because the sun dried up a pond, create a new one to play in. Her UK backcard describes her as gentle and romantic, a la Heart Throb, another G1 pony.

Serena sure is a weird name for a pony... [moonlight densetsu plays in the background]
Ai to seigi no, serafuku Bishoujo Senshi..... Sailor Moon! Tsukini kawatte, oshioki yo!

My Little Pony is a franchise created by Bonnie Zacherle. Thanks, Bonnie!
Above song reference and above quote attributed to the anime Sailor Moon, based on the manga created by Naoko Takeuchi, because, of course, in the English dub, the heroine is known as Serena. Prism Power Make UP!
Things have been nuts lately.
My job is stressful and my energy is gone, so I'm only on the 'net on weekends when I can. I am constantly tired, grouchy, and moodswingy. My thoughts are plagued almost daily with negativity and I dunno why.
Parents have been screaming at me a lot lately. Brother's been difficult. Friends are stressed and that stresses me out because I worry.
Plus I'm trying to keep my LDR alive, and it's difficult because he works and I work and yesterday we didn't talk at all, and we rarely talk much anymore. We might exchange four texts a day now. We've been having all kinds of problems and I've been handling it badly... ugh. I worry about him. I worry about us. We already broke up for a week about a month ago, and then decided to be on the downlow for a bit, until things on his end and on mine get better, whenever that will be. 
This really sucks.
But I am making it.
I am trying.
I won't give up.
My patience will be rewarded, I'm sure. 
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: Making Today a Perfect Day (Frozen Fever)
  • Reading: Plays by Plautus
  • Watching: Gonna watch Perfect Blue when I get around to it
  • Playing: Pokemon Shuffle
  • Drinking: Nestea


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